Announcements & Special Events

DNY Tantra Tables

Greetings Yogis! Please join us for classes every Monday! Help spread the word to make our yoga community a success.

In addition to classes in our studio, we have organized a number of special events, with more to come. Check here for updates on upcoming events (for some events pre-registration may be required).

See you on the mat at Denver Nude Yoga soon!

Upcoming Special Events:

Tantra Body Massage Workshop

The Spring Tantra Hot Rocks Body Massage Workshop is set for March 25, 2019, as the January Workshop was cancelled due to a snow storm.   LIMITED openings for March so don’t delay and write to for details and pricing.  The Fall Tantra Massage workshop will be in October 2019!  Watch this space for the Fall workshop date.


It will include Tantra, soothing Swedish massage and some sensual intimate techniques to awaken the 1st and 2nd Chakra energies!  Of course ALL YOUR boundaries during the massage are respected and honored.  Relax and enjoy the sensuality of your time on the table getting your massage!  Enjoy the nurturing and intimate energy of touching and massaging another!  Simply stated…. BLISS!!! Tantra is essentially about awakening the sacred sexual Prana and enjoying that energy; orgasm is not the goal.  The bliss of going deep into relaxation and in a comfortable Mind Space to enjoy the touch is really the journey to be enjoyed!

Each massage table will have three (3) men with each man receiving a 40-minute massage with the soothing touch of 4-hands!

Here’s a sampling of previous special events:

  • Mt Elbert Yoga Retreat – Meals, lodging, yoga, community- we had a wonderful 3-day (Fri-Sun) spring retreat! (Click here to see photos.)
  • Bubbly and Berries – Valentine’s Day Yoga – We enjoyed some bubbly named after a region in France and some chocolate covered strawberries woven into a delightful partner yoga class.
  • Outdoor yoga in beautiful settings – we’ve enjoyed numerous excursions into the great outdoors, combining nude asana practice, shared picnics, skinny dipping in Boulder Creek, hiking at The Great Stupa, and taking in the spectacular vistas of Dream Canyon.
  • Partner Yoga and Tantric Massage Workshop – from time to time we are pleased to offer an evening of partner practice, sensual touch, shared energy and deeper connections in a safe supportive environment.
  • Tantric / Thai Workshop – we have hosted a number of extraordinary evenings of Tantra and Thai massage, table massage, always with open minds and open hearts. All in attendance enjoyed the blissful experience of the flow of Prana (energy) through the Chakras.

If you have questions or want to join the group, please send us an email and one of our members will be in touch with you.