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Denver Nude Yoga for Men is open to adult men of all ages (18 and over) and body types. All body types are welcome to join and attend our classes, you should be in good health, and seriously interested in the pursuit of the yogic experience as sessions can be physically demanding.

It should be clear that this group is NOT for those who are in need of serious physical rehabilitation or those who just want to come and admire. Our sessions are for fitness oriented men who take care of themselves and their bodies.

All sexual orientations are welcome as diversity among members only adds to the dimension of this group of men leading to a richer yoga experience.

  • One time private membership fee:  $4

  • Cost for a drop in class:
    $18 per class (first class for first time yogi’s will include $4 membership fee plus a reduced drop in cost of $16, for a total cost of $20)

  • 5 class punch cards available:
    $75 per card

  • Special Fulltime Undergraduate College/Vocational School Student &
    Senior Discount:
    —For full time undergraduate students enrolled in accredited college or
    full time vocational school students cost is $12.00 per class (requires
    qualification prior to first yoga class – write to for details)
    —-Seniors Discount is $12.00 per class (age 67 or older with age
    verification prior to first class write to
    for details)

  • Apres yoga dinner:
    On occasion and on an ad hoc basis the group decides on dinner after yoga.  All are invited to join our community dinner after yoga. We decide on a different restaurant each time, everyone is responsible for their own tab.

Membership Perks for YOU!

  • Birthday Yoga:
    If you are a Private Member and you send us an email with your Month and Day of birth, you will get a free yoga class during the month of your birthday!

Contact us:

If you have questions or want to join the group, please send us an email and one of our members will be in touch with you.